The first step to get an accurate measurement of your hearing is to complete a hearing assessment by responding to a series of sounds. We also assess how well you can understand speech when outside noise is present.

After this assessment, we discuss the results with you and refer you to your doctor if medical intervention is required. If a hearing aid is likely to help you, we establish what your hearing needs are, and discuss the hearing aid technology levels and style options to best meet your individual requirements.

Hearing Assessment

Other Hearing Services

Hearing Rehabilitation Classes

Hearing Rehabilitation Classes

Hearing aids help many people to improve their hearing, however, they don’t replace normal hearing and it is common that further help is required…

Hearing Assessments for Children

Childrens Hearing Assessment

Butterfly Audiology perform hearing assessments for children aged four years and over. Our experienced audiologists ensure that every child feels relaxed and comfortable…

OH&S and WorkCover Assessments

OHS Assessments

Butterfly Audiology can perform audiometric examinations for Occupational Health and Safety purposes. If the results indicate that further audiological examinations are required…

Ear Plugs


Ear Plugs

Butterfly Audiology offer custom made ear plugs to prevent noise exposure and damage to your hearing. We can make ear plugs for anyone…

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