Butterfly Audiology offer Hearing Assessments and Hearing Aid Fitting for adults, Hearing Rehabilitation Classes, Hearing Assessments for Children (over 4 years), OH&S and WorkCover Assessments, and also fit ear plugs.

Hearing Assessment

The first step to get an accurate measurement of your hearing is to complete a hearing assessment by responding to a series of sounds. We also assess how well you can understand speech when outside noise is present.

After this assessment, we discuss the results with you and refer you to your doctor if medical intervention is required. If a hearing aid is likely to help you, we establish what your hearing needs are, and discuss the hearing aid technology levels and style options to best meet your individual requirements.

Hearing Aids

We offer the latest hearing aid technology. As a truly independent clinic, our clients have access to the best hearing aids for their individual hearing loss and needs, from all the world’s leading manufacturers.

Hearing Assessment for Children

Butterfly Audiology perform hearing assessments for children aged four years and over. Our experienced audiologists ensure that every child feels relaxed and comfortable, allowing accurate results to be obtained.

For children aged between four and six years, we perform ‘Play Audiometry’ which requires children to respond to sounds in the form of a game. For older children, the method of hearing assessment used is similar to adults. We often see children who are referred by their doctor, speech pathologist or school nurse.

We are also happy to see children without a referral.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Audiometric Testing

According to OH&S guidelines, companies must provide audiometric testing for a Worker who is carrying out work for the business if the Worker is frequently required to use personal hearing protectors (earplugs/earmuffs) as a control measure for noise that exceeds the exposure standard.

Audiometric testing must be provided within three months of the Worker commencing work where hearing protection is required.

WorkCover Assessments

We are a contracted hearing services provider with WorkSafe Victoria and are very experienced in providing services to WorkCover claimants. Once your claim has been accepted, the process of applying for hearing aids is straightforward.

If you are considering making a WorkCover claim for your hearing or have any other questions about hearing and WorkCover, please feel free to email or call us on 03 5443 6902.

Ear Plugs

Butterfly Audiology offer custom made ear plugs to prevent noise exposure and damage to your hearing. We can make ear plugs for anyone: from musicians, construction workers to swimmers.