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We offer the latest hearing aid technology. As a truly independent clinic, our clients have access to the best hearing aids for their individual hearing loss and needs, from all the world’s leading manufacturers.

Hearing aid technology is changing very rapidly. We place a high priority on keeping our Audiologists up to date with the latest technology in hearing aids to deliver the best possible hearing aid fittings.

All our recommendations are driven by achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Please go to What’s New in Hearing Aids to read about the latest developments in hearing aid technology.

Pensioners / DVA Cardholders
We are contracted by the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program to provide (fully) subsidised services to Pensioners and DVA card holders. Please contact us if you would like us to help you access this program.

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Some questions and answers about wearing a hearing aid.

How long do hearing aids last?2020-09-18T05:15:36+00:00

The usual life-time of all hearing aids is approximately 5 years. Like all electronic devices (hearing aids are like tiny computers), hearing aids are suspect to moisture damage and wear and tear. The lifetime is the same for basic hearing aids right up to top of the range devices.

How much do hearing aids cost?2020-09-18T04:29:10+00:00

There is a wide range in the cost of hearing aids. Government funding is available for: Pensioners, DVA Cardholders, NDIS Participants and WorkCover Claimants. Some Private Health Insurance will cover a portion of the cost of hearing aids depending on your level of cover.

For people who do not have access to any government funding, hearing aids range in cost from $2340 to $7900 for a pair. There are accessories that can be used with your hearing aids (such as Blue Tooth TV Adapters) that can be purchased at an additional cost.


Will I have normal hearing once I get hearing aids?2020-09-18T04:57:19+00:00

Nothing can replace normal hearing, even the top of the range, latest hearing aid technology. However, hearing aids can dramatically improve your hearing. For most people, when you first get a hearing aid, you will be amazed by all the sounds you can hear. It usually takes some time for your brain to adjust to hearing so many sounds, and to learn to filter out unwanted sounds. The main thing you can do to get the most out of your hearing aids is to wear them consistently. It is also very important to work with your Audiologist to maximise your hearing aid settings and so they can answer all of your questions.

How long does it take to get used to wearing a hearing aid?2020-09-18T04:59:28+00:00

When you get hearing aids for the first time, you hear a lot more sound than you have for a long time. This includes hearing peoples voices much more clearly but also sounds that you do not necessarily want to hear (eg. your own footsteps, traffic noise). It can take up to twelve months and consistent use of your hearing aids to learn how to filter out unwanted sounds and focus on what you want to hear.

How do I know what hearing aid is best for me?2020-09-18T05:03:11+00:00

At your initial hearing assessment your Audiologist will take a lot of time to discuss your individual hearing needs. What are the main situations that you want to hear better in? Do you often go out to noisy environments like restaurants? Do you have trouble hearing the television? Is hearing on the phone a problem for you? Do you want to be able stream sound from your smart phone or computer? This information then allows the Audiologist to recommend which level of hearing aid technology is best suited to your needs. The Audiologist will also work out with you what style of hearing aid you are best able to manage and what is cosmetically acceptable to you.

How often do I need to get my hearing aid serviced and how much does that cost?2020-09-18T05:12:05+00:00

After your initial hearing aid fitting, we recommend at least one follow-up appointment to ensure the hearing aid settings are optimised, you are managing your hearing aids and they are meeting your needs. For private clients, the initial fee you pay for your hearing aids and fitting include all follow-up appointments, batteries and servicing/cleaning of the hearing aids over the first year.

After the first year we recommend an annual appointment to check your hearing and adjust your hearing aid settings for any changes. For private clients, we offer a yearly membership which includes your annual hearing and hearing aid review, trouble shooting appointments throughout the year as required, replacements ear moulds as required, 12 months supplies of batteries, 12 months supply of other consumables (domes, wax filters, etc.), hearing aid cleaning, servicing and repairs ,and loan service if your hearing aid needs to be sent away for repair. Please speak to one of our friendly staff to find out more.

The Hearing Services Program covers the cost of all appointments for eligible recipients.

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