Hearing Aids

I’d like some Bluetooth hearing aids. What are they by the way?

What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a way of communicating information from one compatible device to another. It uses ‘short-range wireless technology’ which means the communication is wireless (no cords). So, Bluetooth hearing aids are simply hearing aids that are able to communicate with other devices without the use of cords. The most common type of…

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Hearing loss and dementia. Is there a link?

What is Dementia? Most people know someone or know of someone who has dementia. This is not surprising given that dementia is the second leading cause of death of all Australians and will likely soon become the leading cause. It is a cruel illness not only for the person themselves but also for their loved…

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What is tinnitus? Where does it come from? Will it go away?

What is tinnitus? Tinnitus is the name given to noises you can hear that come from within your own body. Only you can hear these sounds. You may notice tinnitus noises in your ears or in your head. They can sound like anything at all. Some of the common ways people describe their tinnitus sounds…

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Hearing Aid Not Working?

Here are 5 of the most common reasons why your hearing aid may not be working and what you can do about it. It is blocked with ear wax It only takes a very small amount of wax to block a hearing aid. It is completely normal for our ears to produce ear wax, in…

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What’s New in Hearing Aids?

Hearing aid technology changes rapidly. Below are some of the latest hearing aids we prescribe and fit in our clinic. Oticon Real The Oticon Real hearing aid family have been well received. Similar to Oticon’s previous OPN and More hearing aid technology, Real’s do not use traditional directional strategies in noisy environments to suppress unwanted…

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Hearing Assessment

The first step to get an accurate measurement of your hearing is to complete a hearing assessment by responding to a series of sounds.


Hearing Aids

People often come to us and say they want ‘the best’ hearing aid. So, what is the best hearing aid? Unfortunately, there is no single ‘best’ hearing aid to suit everybody. 


Hearing Assessment for Children

Butterfly Audiology perform hearing assessments for children aged four years and over.


Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing must be provided within three months of the Worker commencing work where hearing protection is required.


WorkCover Assessments

We are a contracted hearing services provider with WorkSafe Victoria and are very experienced in providing services to WorkCover claimants.


Ear Plugs

Butterfly Audiology offer custom made ear plugs to prevent noise exposure and damage to your hearing.