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Butterfly Audiology is independent and locally owned by Danielle and Dan Bowles with clinics in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Kyneton and Gisborne.

Our Service Area

Butterfly Audiology serves Wedderburn and surrounding areas for Hearing Assessment, Hearing Aids, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Audiometric Testing, WorkCover Assessments, Ear Plugs:

Brenanah, Bridgewater North, Buckrabanyule, Burkes Flat, Calivil, Campbells Forest, Canary Island, Catumnal, Cochranes Creek, Derby, Durham Ox, Eastville, Eddington, Emu, Fentons Creek, Fernihurst, Fiery Flat, Gladfield, Glenalbyn, Glenloth East, Goldsborough, Gowar East, Gredgwin, Horfield, Inkerman, Jarklin, Jungaburra, Kamarooka, Kamarooka North, Kingower, Kinypanial, Kurraca, Kurraca West, Kurting, Laanecoorie, Lake Marmal, Lake Meran, Leaghur, Leichardt, Llanelly, Loddon Vale, Logan, Macorna, McIntyre, Meering West, Milloo, Mincha, Minmindie, Moliagul, Mologa, Murphys Creek, Mysia, Nine Mile, Painswick, Pompapiel, Powlett Plains, Prairie, Rheola, Richmond Plains, Salisbury West, Shelbourne, Skinners Flat, Slaty Creek, Sylvaterre, Tandarra, Terrappee, Terrick Terrick, Waanyarra, Wedderburn Junction, Wehla, Woodstock On Loddon, Woodstock West, Woolshed Flat, Woosang, Wychitella, Wychitella North, Yando, Yarraberb, Yarrawalla, Yeungroon East

Our Butterfly Audiology Wedderburn

Butterfly Audiology was established in 2003 by Bendigo locals, Dan and Danielle Bowles. We are proudly independent and have clinics in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Kyneton and Gisborne.

Our experienced and dedicated staff ensure every client receives individual treatment and continuity of care from the moment they contact us to managing their ongoing hearing needs. We use the latest hearing aid technology from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers and our Audiologists do not receive commissions based on hearing aid sales. We take pride in being able to assist our local community to improve their hearing.

We welcome all clients from Private, Pensioners, DVA Card Holders, and Children (over 4 years) to WorkCover claimants.

Butterfly Audiology’s Audiologists are all full members of Audiology Australia and follow the Professional Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

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Butterfly Audiology offer Hearing Assessments and Hearing Aid Fitting for adults, Hearing Rehabilitation Classes, Hearing Assessments for Children (over 4 years), OH&S and WorkCover Assessments, and also fit ear plugs in Woodend and surrounding areas.


Hearing Assessment

The first step to get an accurate measurement of your hearing is to complete a hearing assessment by responding to a series of sounds.


Hearing Aids

People often come to us and say they want ‘the best’ hearing aid. So, what is the best hearing aid? Unfortunately, there is no single ‘best’ hearing aid to suit everybody. 


Hearing Assessment for Children

Butterfly Audiology perform hearing assessments for children aged four years and over.


Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing must be provided within three months of the Worker commencing work where hearing protection is required.


WorkCover Assessments

We are a contracted hearing services provider with WorkSafe Victoria and are very experienced in providing services to WorkCover claimants.


Ear Plugs

Butterfly Audiology offer custom made ear plugs to prevent noise exposure and damage to your hearing.